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Join this course to learn how to organise virtual/ remote proceedings including evidentiary hearings. The use of both Video conferencing platforms and third party providers will be simulated and participants will be shown how to draft procedural orders in such proceedings.

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  • Describe the term Online and Virtual Proceedings.

  • Identify and determine the steps for deploying technology for Online Proceedings—what, who, why and how.

  • Apply technology to manage Online Meetings and Virtual Proceedings - Choosing Platform and Platform Management.

  • Address issues challenging participants and expected behaviours of parties and Counsels in Virtual Proceedings.

  • Video Conferencing and Telepresence.

  • Develop skillsets in electronic presentation of evidence and Document preparation - E-Bundles.

  • Transcription and Interpretation.

  • Data encryption and Privacy.

  • Evaluate the impact of technology in Virtual Proceedings.

  • Tips and Tricks for Practitioners.

  • Identify the core values of Ethics, Transparency and Confidentiality in Virtual Proceedings.

  • Demonstrate acquired skills in the workplace.

By attending the training, participants will be expected to learn to:

  • Can you choose a video-conference platform?

  • Can you present evidence in Virtual Proceedings?

  • Can you conduct virtual proceedings with clients and parties especially in multi-party environment?

  • Do you know how to share and sign documents Online?

Kindly send evidence of payment to ciarbnigeria@gmail.com to confirm your registration for the course.


Organising Virtual / Online Proceedings



Course fee:


29th-30th July 2020


4:00 - 7:00 PM

Lagos, Nigeria